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A lot of people use apps like BrowseTexting which needs to be installed on the android phone to help users send sms from PC to mobiles. While this has its certain benefits, there are several limitations which occur as well. If people need to send SMSes urgently and do not have their phones with them, it will be hard for them to use send messages to other phones. But this problem can be avoided if you try to manage your SMSes with the help of certain tools like SMS from browser which uses extensions on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer to send messages from your PC or laptop to any phone. has been sponsored by Mindspark to provide users with PC to Mobile free messaging tools. Not only is this process cost- effective, but it makes it convenient to all users to send SMSes via their web browsers without having to reach for their phones. You can even access their sites to use several features like voice to text, free ringtones, VOIP and online dictation et al to enhance your messaging experience and take it to the next level!

If you are a beginner and have never tried before, here are the steps you need to follow in order to know how to send SMS from a PC using this application through your web browser:

- Step 1: Go to the website where you will be given the link to install the application on your system. You can install it on your phone as well and register your number, or you can install it on your desktop/laptop and connect your phone number by using the QR code that will be displayed by the site.

- Step 2: After the installation and syncing is complete, you can open up your web browser and see the SMS from browser icon on the top. When you click on it, the application will start running through the extension and you will notice a pop up box that will notify you how many messages you have received on your phone.

- Step 3: Anytime you want to send messages from your PC or laptop, all you have to do is open up your browser, click on the SMS from browser icon and it will open up the SMS window. You can now send and receive messages without any issues.

- Step 4: To sync all your contacts stored in your phone with the application, you need to click on the 'Sync' option that will be displayed on the top. And when you want to start a new conversation, just click on the "Compose New' button and it will open a new SMS window for you. is a really good application because it has a very flexible interface design which allows users to have complete control over the settings. If you wish to delete your extensions any time, you can do that by deleting it from the Settings section of the web browser. In case you are on Safari, you need to open up Preferences to delete the extension files.

SMS from browser has really helped users all over the world to quickly send messages without any hassle. It is so easy to install and follow that anyone can use it anytime!


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